I’m still standing

I seem to have some kind of mental block when it comes to writing or sharing how I’m feeling/what’s going on right now. The last couple of weeks I’ve felt SO overwhelmed and out of my depth. I’m not sure what is going on, but the energy is crazy around me right now.

I feel as though I’m right on the edge, and one little thing will tip me over. Nothing much has changed, life is as busy as ever but I’m feeling more vulnerable and stressed than I usually do.

I’m trying to slow down, to drop the balls that I can right now. To remember to take time to just ‘be’. To breathe. And smile. To reach out and not try and do it all on my own.

REminding myself I am just one woman. Raising a family. Working. Home Educating. Trying to heal. To love. To live. I get caught up sometimes in the feeling that we should be constantly doing something.

I shared this photo with these words on my IG the other week:

Drink herbal tea. Light your best candle. Find a morning routine that suits you. Practice yoga. Meditate. Watch the sunset. Stare at the stars in wonder. Tune in to the moon. Look for a sign. Cook. Create. Dance. Craft. Hug a tree. Grow something from seed. Read a good book. Breath, really breathe. Try something new. Lay in the sun. If it feels like a something you ‘should do’, then don’t do it.

Sharing them here, to remind myself as much as anyone else. Life isn’t about being busy. It’s about creating something wonderful, fostering love, having adventures, making memories, honoring yourself.

Slowing down, getting on my yoga mat, baking with the kids, laughing with friends.

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