A Room Refresh

A friend came to my house recently and commented how much they love it, that it was like a treasure trove. My house is full of colour, shelves full of knick-knacks, special feathers, stones, crystals, things the kiddos have collected or made for me. Art work on the walls, cushions heaped on the sofas, blankets ready to grab. My style is a mish-mash, I’m firmly in the more is more school, no minimalism here!

Ever since I was a kid, I have loved having a refresh of a room. Changing up the artwork, moving furniture around, giving it a little makeover. It’s a sure-fire way to brighten up a room and make it feel fresh.

Recently, I was contacted by Art for Walls UK to see if I wanted to partner with them. It took me a long time to pick my favourite print {they have so many!}, but this one-piece jumped out at me and I knew it would fit in just right in my house.

I chose an A1 size that came ready framed, I wanted a central piece to pull the wall together. I love the piece even more in the flesh, the colours are perfect and it makes me feel so happy just looking at it. I love the way that it sits with all my other art prints, and I’ve had numerous compliments on it already.

I’m super impressed with the quality of the print and the frame, and it came really quickly after I ordered it. I’ll certainly be purchasing from Arts for Walls UK again.

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