Gratefulness – my Three Good Things

gratefulness #threegoodthings

It’s a cold and wet bank Holiday Monday here as I write this. Keeping gratefulness in my heart, by giving thanks for the rain and the good it is doing to my garden. We’ve been out for a dog walk, and are now cosied back up at home, pottering around, playing some Mario Kart on the WII and enjoying an extra weekend day! I’m pretty tired today after a busy weekend, so am trying to not do anything and just relax!

I’m not actually good at doing nothing so it’s a challenge! There is tomato soup simmering away ready for dinner, and Baya is making bread to go with it. I’ve done a tiny bit of work {jsut checking in so I know what my week looks like} and am planning an afternoon on the sofa, crocheting. Bliss. Then I really {really} need an early night, I am exhausted and my to-do list for the week is looooong.

Here are my #threegoodthings

  • WEDDINGS!! One of my lovely friends got married on Saturday, and after so much uncertainty because of COVID rules, she managed to have a small gathering of folk at the beautiful Erddig. I was so grateful to be able to celebrate with her, and it was amazing to have an excuse to dress up and spend the afternoon with friends.
  • LOVE YOU’S I woke up this morning to Oren climbing on top of me saying ‘I love you Mumsie’ – what a way to start the day!
  • CO-PARENTING. I have got a post in the works on this topic BUT I wanted to give a moment of thanks to my co-parent, who is an excellent not-quite Dad to Oren and helps me out loads. A good co-parenting relationship makes life so much easier.

Do you have a gratefulness practice? What three things are you grateful for today?

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