Weekend Reflections

These weekends seem to roll around before I know what has happened. Another week ending, another full on week. We’ve been making the most of the sunshine, soaking up as much as we can. I’m loving these light evenings, the days feel so long {in a good way} and we can fit so much in. I’ve found a better work/life balance this week which has resulted in a less stressed out me.

The boys had forest school this week, which was so good to be back at finally. Then an afternoon by the river with our home ed friends. Bike rides, lots of time in the garden, and walks to the park – as much time outdoors as we can. We planted some trees for Earth Day in our local park.

The middle three have just gone off with their Dad and grandparents for the night, ORen and I are going to spend the rest of the afternoon in the garden, then I’m planning a movie night with Lola.

My Mum, Oren and I are heading up to Erddig tomorrow, it’s been so long since I’ve been – looking forward to seeing their beautiful gardens.

Since I’ve been making an effort to do no/less work and limit my social media on a weekend, I’ve seen such a difference in how I feel.

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