2020 – what a year

There’s no doubt that 2020 will be a year that we all remember for a long time. While it’s been frustrating at times, I’ve actually loved this year. We were sad to miss out on our festivals, and parties with friends, yet so much good has come out of this year.

I know we’re lucky to have not been negatiely affected. My work has carried on as normal, so we’ve not had the finanical worries many have and have been thankfully pretty untouched by covid itself.

This time last year, while I’d finally started to feel more like myself again, I was still on that hamster wheel _ just keeping going becuase that’s what life required of me. So when that first lockdown happened, and I was suddenly forced to stop, I realised it was what I had needed.

Time to get out of hte rat race, to stop having to keep so many balls going. Time to savour my family, to enjoy each day without worrying about the next. TIme to jsut be. Time to think about me – to listen to all my thoughts and hopes and dreams. To actually breathe again.

That extra time with my kiddos was so much appreciated, and having slower days with a toddler were amazing – he benefitted so much from the time at home to play and explore, obviously he’s lucky as he has four siblings to lay with and entertain him whcih helped!

There were frustrations from kiddos missing friends, and clubs, and college. A teen annoyed at not being able to sit her GCSE exams {though she still got A*s,As and Bs}. Cancelled festivals and holidays.

Yet still, we made memories. Long walks. Days at the river. A camping trip with a few friends in August. Socially distanced meetups. Trips to the zoo. Seeing the Christmas Trees at Chester Cathedral. Pumpkin Picking.

It was the year I bought myself a bike and rediscovered my love for running. The year I finally started learning to drive. The year I put my plans to go to university into action.

I won’t lie… we’ll all be glad when this is behind us, and normal life recommences. Yet there is much we’ve taken from this time that will stay with us. Lessons learned about what really matters. So much personal growth happened {very apt as my Guiding Word for 2020 was GROW}. I feel like I’ve stepped up my game.

Given up the excuses and stopped living for anyone other than me. connected with myself and found the courage to chase my dreams.

2020 you were one hell of a year. Here’s hoping 2021 is an even more incredible year.

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