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The last couple of weeks I’ve felt a little ‘off’. Tired, a little low, a bit lonely. Nothing major. In the past, as soon as I started feeling anything like this, I’d see it as a sign of impending doom. Convinced that I was on a downward spiral and heading to a bout of depression. I’d feel bad for feeling bad, and boom. Before I knew it I WOULD be depressed.

THese days, I’m more in tune with myself. More understanding.

I listen to those feelings, but I am not those feelings. They are there, but they are not me. They are valid yet they don’t define me. I listen to what they need to tell me, and find the message they are sending.

Just because there has been this quiet unease, doesn’t mean there haven’t still been moments of utter joy, moments of love, moments of fun, moments of gratitude. We can be all of these things at once.

I’ve sat with the feelings. Felt them deeply. Journaled them. Meditated on them. Worked through them on my yoga mat. Given myself space and understanding.

In honoring where I am right now, how I am feeling at this time, I don’t attach any labels of right or wrong. It isn’t wrong to feel sad or low, simply my body/mind’s way of telling me I need to slow down and listen. To be true to myself and to let things go.

Whatever you are feeling right now, honor that. Don’t try to push it away or ignore it. Don’t label it as right or wrong. Sit with it. Listen to what it is telling you.

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