Eliminating Toxic Negativity from Your Life: Achieve Positivity

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A person’s bad attitude or fatalistic outlook in life can spread like the cold, and the next thing you know, everyone has it. Whether it’s an unruly neighbor or a colleague at work, it’s crucial to protect yourself from these individuals for your sake – and sanity. However, most people unknowingly give these toxic entities a way to influence their thoughts, behaviors, and feelings, ultimately ruining your day.

To help you regain your personal power and protect your sanity, here are seven ways you can block out the toxic negativity.

Feed the Soul

In the simplest sense, feeding your soul means doing something you love and enjoy some much-need alone time. After all, nobody else knows what you love other than you. Whether it’s reading a book, taking music or piano lessons, drawing, painting, or dancing, doing these things can lift your spirits and block out unnecessary negativity.

Make the Most Out of Your Time

Never let negative individuals steal your time and energy, so instead of complaining about your unruly co-worker or annoying neighbor, strike up conversations about more optimistic topics with your peers. Similarly, rather than spending your drive thinking about how much you hate the co-worker you have to work with, crank up the radio and listen to your favorite tunes to reduce stress.

Stick with Positivism

Although it may be cliché, focusing on the more positive things in life does help. Do your best to catch yourself when you begin to start thinking about the negative stuff a co-worker may have told you and focus on the silver lining like work’s almost over or that cake you have in your fridge waiting for you to get home.

Don’t Expect Them to Change

To avoid getting stuck in a negative rut of dealing with toxic individuals, accept the fact that you can’t force them to change. That’s because these people are usually motivated by focusing on their complex problems and needs. So, instead of trying to help them, it’s much easier to let them go and change themselves.

Choose Your Attitude and Stick to It

To not let yourself get influenced by toxic individuals,make a conscious effort to pick an attitude and stick to it. You can do this by creating a mantra like “I’m going to stay optimistic no matter what they say,” and repeat it often to stay on track. Plus, simply taking a deep breath and deciding today’s will be a great day despite what others think can bring your mental health a long way.

Refocus Your Thoughts

Always pay attention to how your mindset changes when facing negative people. That’s because the more time you spend dreading their pessimistic tendencies, the less time you have to devote to more positive things. Make a conscious effort to minimize the amount of mental energyyou use on negative individuals and focus on your task at hand.

Embrace Your Support System

You likely have a support network of individuals that aren’t toxic, and if you do, whether it’s co-workers, friends, or family, it’s best if you divert your attention from the toxicity and consult with your loved ones. Venting to someone you love and vice versa can be incredibly uplifting, helping you forget about the issues beforehand. Sometimes it can be challenging to avoid the toxic people in your life, and before you know it, you’ve fallen into a negative pitfall because of them. Don’t let them take over your life and protect yourself from these individuals by following the tips mentioned, saving your mind, health, and happiness

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