A ritual for letting go

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Letting go can be beautiful and freeing.

Autumn reminds us of this every time we look around us. The Earth can teach us so much of the power of release if only we listen to her. I like to do a little ritual around this time of year, to release what is no longer needed.

I usually pick an evening, just after the full moon, when it is waxing.

Find some quiet space, light some candles, burn some incesnse, play some relaxing music. Sometimes I will sit outside around the firepit.

Get out your journal and pens. Let yourself write down everything you wish to release. Thoughts. Believes. Dreams. Relationships…

When you feel you have finished, read back through it, then burn the paper in your fire or a safe bowl, and sprinkle the ashes in your garden {or a house plant if you do not have a garden}.

Take a moment to breath and give thanks for all that you have released and the space they have made for new beginnings.

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