Getting ready for a Wild June

June is almost here, and with it comes 30 Days Wild 2020 – a fantastic idea run by The Wildlife Trust. We usually take part anyway, but this year it will really be appreacted.

The basic idea is to do something wild/nature-based every day of June. We do things like pond-dipping, raising caterpillars, planting seeds, going to the river, making nature art… it’s a wonderful way of making nature time a part of everyday life – and with kids still at home on lockdown, it will really give them something fantastic to focus on throughout the month.

The other week, I stumbled across a wonderful lady on Facebook who had put together this amazing calendar of activities to do in 30 days wild. Not only does it save you trying to come up with 30 things – there are even book suggestions to go alongside each activity.

We’ve decided to play along with her calander this year, my brain is so overloaded right now this saves me thinking a little.

We’ll be adapting activities to suit a range of ages here, I love that my bigger kids still like to get involved too. Do you join in 30 Days Wild – what activities do you have planned?

You can find the calendar above and more inf in Instagram @the_duckpond_bookshop and Facebook @theduckpondbookshop

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