Oh Monday!

baby and pup sit playing together

Happy Monday friends! I hope that you had a good weekend?

Life has been as busy as ever, though we’ve hit our groove again after the Christmas holidays. The big two are in the middle of rehearsals for their drama show next weekend, so they’re out most of the time! I can’t wait to go and watch them again, I love getting to see the results of their hard work. They have such fun with their drama group and are so lucky to be a part of it and get to put a show on at the theatre in town every year.

We took Miss Kiki to a college open day last weekend, she’ls applying for a course there in September, they offer 14-16 courses, and funding for home educated kids so she is very excited. She’ll be doing an animal management course, the college has their own mini zoo so it’ll be a hands-on course! It truly looks wonderful and is only part-time so it is perfect.

I’ve been putting some time in when I can to working on my pollyjemima.com site again. Hoping to build it up, and look at setting up some options over there for working with me sometime soon. I’ve been feeling so good and positive lately, and finally seem to have some motivation back haha! It’s been a while, but I had to burrow deep whilst getting through a pregnancy and newborn phase alone, that now I feel ready to hatch back out and create some goodness again.

The fact that Mr Oren is sleeping a little better helps, as I don’t feel quite so tired sleep deprivation is such a killer. I’m trying to figure out a way to make learning to drive work. Money is so tight, that finding the extra for a lesson each week is tough plus the fact that Oren isn’t used to being away from me for more than five minutes. He breastfeeds on demand, and I’m not sure how leaving him, even for an hour, will work out right now.

We’ve been making summer plans {already} – it’s the only way to make it through a cold winter isn’t it?! Planning for the sunshine…. we have got a festival or two booked in, a camping trip with friends and hopefully a city trip as well. I’m so excited already!

The biggest news last week is…… we got a dog! it’s been on the cards for a while, we’ve all been desperate for a dog again, and when a friend mentioned that there was the sweetest little Chihuahua pup in need of a home, well, how could we refuse?! She’s the sweetest girl. Her name is River {or Levantos Reverie}, a pedigree pup with Crufts Champions in her lineage! She’s a little shy girl right now, but coming out of her shell and I think she is going to be the funniest little thing. The kids are in love, and Oren just thinks she is so funny.

Now it’s onto a new week, and another busy one!

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