Mothers Day Cards

Mothers Day! It might seem a while off yet, but January is over halfway through already, and before we know it March will be here and with it will come Mothers Day. It’s a day to say a big ‘thank you’ to our Mama’s. To tell them how much we love them and appreciate all their hard work. To give them a day of being treated and spoilt and loved extra hard. it’s never to early to start thinking about Mothers Day, and putting plans in place.

My own Mama still has cards and gifts I made for her when I was little, and I treasure every creation that my kiddos give me. Personally, I would much rather a homemade card or gift, as it comes from the heart and is made with love, than any expensive, shop bought creation. Over the years, they have made me some beautiful cards that mean so very much to me. When they were little they needed a little help {or at least a gentle nudge}, but these days the big girls take charge and make sure everyone is prepared!

My older kiddos are getting pretty good at creating cards on the computer these days. It’s such a fantastic way of creating unique cards. You can use your own photos, or even stock photos, or graphics that you can download for free. We recently came across some amazing fonts free too – I was amazed at how many there were to choose from. I downloaded a few to play around with and was so pleased with the results. They made such a difference to our creations and helped make them look even more professional.

If you have never created your own cards on the computer before, I promise it is far easy than you may think! Start with choosing a free font you love, then choose a photo. Either find on you have taken – of you and your Mama, some beautiful flowers, or a sunset, or else you could choose a stock photo {look at a site such as}. You could even use artwork you have drawn and scanned in!

Next, you’ll need a programme or website to create your card in. You could use something as simple as paint or else a really good option is to use a photo editing site such as PicMonkey. This makes it SO easy to put your card together, and you can play around with font placement and colours really easily.

I had fun putting together a few ideas of Mothers Day cards for you to see. These are all made with free stock art and free fonts! It’s so much fun to make your own creations, and so easy too! I’ve also got plans to make some card blanks, with just ‘Happy Mothers Day’ written on that the kiddos can they draw their own pictures on to. Do you or your kiddos usually make your own Mothers Day Cards? I would love to see some of your creations if you do



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