Twenty Twenty Goals

A New Year is my favourite time to set some goals. I prefer goals to resolutions as they feel more positive. I’ve been thinking about what I want this year to bring, and what I want to focus on. While I’m quietly making plans for the future, I also want to be present with Oren. I’ll still be at home, with a small baby for much of the year – a small baby who is very much attached to me, and who still needs me 24/7. The time will come when I can claim back small amounts of time but right now my main focus is being with him.

These are not big or adventurous goals, but realistic ones. Ones that will move me forward, that make me feel like the best version of me, ones that make life better right now.

So here is my list of goals for Twenty Twenty

somewhere at the beginning of last year, I stopped practicing, I got so caught up in survival that the yoga fell by the wayside. I’ve
practiced every day this year so far and feel so much better for it. I’m determined to make time to get on my mat every day, whether for a full-on yoga session, or just a ten-minute flow.

I’ve been working on this one for the last three years, but it’s still a ‘goal’ as I feel I could do it more! I’ve learned that when I feel scared THATS when I need to actually do whatever it is that is scaring me. That whole ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ motto, right?! Life is to short to stay where it is comfortable, so this year I’m really going to push myself.

back when I was vegan, I felt so much better – both physically and mentally. My diet slipped back in 2018 due to external pressure {or being told what to eat}. Then whilst pregnant, surviving the newborn period, dealing with the trauma, my diet fell even further. I went veggie again, but was eating so much processed foods, so much dairy, and so much sugar. Plant-based suits me. My body functions better without dairy, and when I’m eating plant-based I make better choices. My diet is more varied and I don’t consume anywhere near as much sugar.

last year was the year of fiction. It was my means of escape – both from reality and from my mind. now I’ve a little time in the evenings again, I want to compile a TBR list {to be read list} of non-fiction, inspiring books {you can see some I loved a couple of years ago HERE}. Books that will make me think, inspire me, challenge me, encourage me, comfort me….. hit me up with your recommendations, please!

While I’m still planning on spending most of this year home with my littlest babe {and the others}, it is also time to start thinking about what comes next. With Kiki hopefully starting college this coming September, change is in the air and I want to take some time to map out what it is I want, where I want to end up, and how I am going to get there. Plans to put in place as Oren gets bigger and I can move onto a new phase in my life.

a simple one. Fresh flowers always make my heart smile. They brighten up the room and make me happy. I’m on a super tight budget and generally don’t treat myself, putting the kiddos needs first. But I think a little treat once a week will make me happier.

In sixteen years of parenting, I’ve had about two nights with no children what so ever. that’s pretty shocking right?! For years, my children were my shield against my anxiety and depression. I held onto the fact they ‘needed’ me so that I could stay right in my comfort zone. But seeing as that is being thrown out, it’s time to embrace child-free time… well maybe not right away, as Oren is too little to go anywhere just yet. The time will come when he can go out with the big kids when they see their Dad, and I am determined to embrace that time instead of feeling uncomfortable about being ‘alone’.

My kiddos come first, always have, always will. BUT… I matter too. It’s time to stop ignoring my needs/wants and start investing in me. Start thinking about what I want and need in life, doing things that I want to do, taking time out from being a Mama, learning to love just being ‘Polly’.


What goals have you set yourself for this year?

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