Back to the old routine

Second week back to the old routine…. how are you all holding up?! While it was so good over Christmas having a break, especially from evening groups, I am kinda glad to be back to normal now! I loved not having to rush around getting people to various places and feeding everyone at different times BUT it’s nice to have the routine back now.

The girls hit the point of having spent too much time together {three tween/teen girls in one house creates quite a bit of tension haha!}, so I think they were pleased to get back to various clubs and catch up with friends.

I’ve caught the ‘new year decluttering bug’, and have been working my way around the house. Now Oren can sit and play, it’s so much easier to do jobs as he can play next to me. After six months of me only really doing the bare minimum around the house, and generally just adopting the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ motto when it came to clutter it feels SO good to be sorting it all out! I’m not obsessive about it being clean/tidy but I do like living in a pleasant space, where I can find what I need and not have to climb over piles of rubbish.

So far the utility room has been blitzed, the playroom had a good sort straight after Christmas, I’ve tackled the cupboard under the sink and the one under our baking cupboard. My ‘office’ [not that I ever work in there] has been cleared after several months now you can finally get in the door, see the floor and the desk. I even sorted the linen cupboard and folded everything before I put it away. Woop.

Asides from manically decluttering, we snuck in a trip to the Zoo before Lola went back to school. It proved the best ending to the holidays, adn we’ve bought membership for the year so will be returning very soon. Oren loved the penguins – nearly as much as the mirror in the butterfly house.

We’ve also had the handy man round, doing a few jobs in the house and garden. Filling in holes in the wall where mice were sneaking in, and eating all the things in our baking cupboard. Who knew mice liked food colouring gels so much?! Mending a kitchen cupboard, filling a hole in the stairs wall, putting a door handle on my bedroom door at last {good, but oh so confusing that the door doesn’t just push open anymore} nad various other bits… waiting on my kitchen ceiling being replastered and a new window being put in the kitchen. That one I’m a little sad about, as while it’s rotting and really needs replacing, the current window is as old as the house and has stained glass panels and is so pretty. Also, it has a shelf which houses around a million plants and all my mugs hang from it – if I lose that shelf who knows where I’ll put them all.

Ao that’s that. Festivities over, and back to the grind… I’m really loving this new year so far though, I feel so inspired and productive, and have been busy working behind the scenes getting projects on the move and underway.

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