And then he was five!

A little late as I was taking a blogging break over Christmas/New Years, but I wanted to still share this on here! on the 28th December, my little Beastie Boy turned five. FIVE!! That blows my mind! How he is five already I literally have no idea. But he is, and he is wonderful

I remember finding out he was a boy and being so unsure. Used to girls, I had no idea what to do with a boy, how to love a boy.. yet I needn’t have worried. The second he was on my chest, I knew it was just as it was meant to be. I was always destined to be his Mama and he has taught so much.

He’s a mischievous little monkey, exceptionally good at annoying his big sisters! But oh so loving to his baby brother. I cannot wait to see my two boys playing side by side and growing up together.

We celebrated his birthday on the day with his requested cake [a rainbow pinata cake} and a game of bowling. He had a few gifts – a big boat playset, a build a bear voucher and a Moshi Monster gumball machine from me {I usually buy him a ‘big’ gift in the summer for his half birthday, rather than so close to Christmas}.

He had a party a week later, at soft play with ten of his friends and he had the best time.

We love you Mr Beastie – here’s to another amazing year of you being you β™₯


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