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Well hi there November – where did you sneak up from?! It’s been a busy few weeks {when isn’t it?!}, and I can’t believe how close to the end of the year we are. Miss Lola just had a week off school for half term, I think she enjoyed the break and I enjoyed getting a little more time with her. The two of us [and Oren] went to Chester last Wednesday, while the other three were with their Dad. Lunch out and a walk around the shops, it was good to have some time just us – plus I got a little more Christmas shopping done! I am trying to be organised, my time is so limited with Oren, and money-wise I knew if I didn’t start early it would never happen. I have got the kiddos main pressies all bought {and wrapped}, stockings are nearly done and family gifts too…

We had fun last week dressing up for Halloween. We carved pumpkins a couple of days earlier, and though I woke up Halloween morning not really feeling it – by the time evening came, our friends arrived and I’d dressed up I cheered up a little ha! We went out trick or treating, then home for pizzas, beer and a movie. the kids got a crazy amount of sweets – and Oren ended up being a cute kitty cat for his first trick or treating after the skeleton onsie I bought was too small.

Miss Baya has had a busy couple of weeks – she had a gymnastics competition three weeks ago, where she got first place on vault and bars AND first overall in her age group! That meant she got to go to the Welsh Finals in Cardiff a week ago. She was super nervous, but managed to enjoy herself, and came home with sixth on vault, fourth on bars and fourth for her team.

Other than that, it’s been life as usual. There never seems to be enough hours in the day to fit in all we need to do. Kiddos school work, my work crafts, lots of baking, catch up with friends, home ed groups…. there is never a dull moment here! I do like it busy though, I’m not good at sitting doing nothing I much prefer to be on the go.

Mr Oren is four and a half months which is cuh-razy! He’s slotted right in with the big kids – though I think he’ll be happier when he can join in there games {and pinch their food – he was desperate for Beasties ice-cream the other day, and lunged at Kiki’s cupcake yesterday!!}.

I’m guessing with Haloween out the way, we’ll be in full-on Christmas mode now – the kiddos are already counting down to our Pines and Needles Christmas tree being delivered at the end of the month!!

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