Three Good Things

Happy Monday! And hurrah for sunshine! It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve written one of these posts, so I thought it was time I popped in and gave a little gratitude. For all the shit days, and the hard stuff life throws our way, there is always a silver lining, always a little ray of sunshine to brighten our days. When I’m feeling rubbish THEY are the things that I need to look out for – remembering to notice all the good in my life really does make a difference.

We have a busy-ish week, though I’m trying to schedule in plenty of relaxing time too as I’m too pregnant to keep going all day long now haha! It’s Miss Lola’s birthday on Wednesday, so that’ll add some mid-week excitement – I cannot believe she will be 16!!! Where does the time fly?! There are still a few things I want/need to get sorted before Bean arrives, so I’m trying to work my way through my to-do list as well.

Here are my #threegoodthings this week:


* FRIEND TIME ~ the kiddos and I spent Saturday night at our friend’s house. They live in a gorgeous big shared farmhouse, just out of town and, boy, is it blissful there. I wish I could move in! Pizza, a movie, lots of chatting, playing outside, feeding the lamb… we all had a great time. The kiddos went swimming with their Dad on Sunday so I got to hang out with my friends sans kiddos and just relax.

* NEW SLINGS ~ย I’d forgotten just how addictive baby slings can be – I bought a gorgeous Girasol ring sling at the weekend and I cannot wait to have a baby to put in it!

* GARDENING ~ I’m not the most green-fingered person in the world, but I love being outdoors, spending time in our garden. We’re not growing too much veg this year, as I know I’m just not going to have time to look after it on my own. But we’ve a few seedlings growing – I love spending an afternoon pottering around in the garden, fingers covered in mud, kiddos running around – definitely my happy place.

What are your #threegoodthings – I’d love to hear them!

Here’s my button if you’d like to join in and blog your gratitude list!

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