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With three homeschooled kiddos in the house, I like to surround them with the resources tehy need to facilitate their own learning. While we’re not ‘unschoolers’, we don’t do a lot of formal, sit-down work wither. I guess we fall somewhere in the midst of the two. What I do like is giving my kiddos the chance to learn, feed their brains and find out about interesting things. We have bookshelves full of books, are frequent visitors to the library, have endless games, toys, craft stuff around the house… anything that will help them to learn and have a love of learning.

I was recently emailed by Eleanor, who created the Brilliant Brainz magazine, asking if we would like to have a look at her magazine and see what we think.

Brilliant Brainz is aimed at 6-12 year olds, though my four year old loved it just as much as the older ones! It is a subscription magazine that is jam packed with fabulous content, activities, fun facts and challenges that will get your childโ€™s brain buzzing! The main subjects are Art, Music, Food, Philosophy and Science & Nature, and all features are in these areas are written by experts.

I was really impressed with the magazine, it was fun and silly while still being educational and inspiring. It is an interactive magazine, with quizzes, recipes, art projects, science experiments, and jokes. I love that there are no adverts and it doesn’t come with plastic ‘gifts’ on the front cover!

Brilliant Brainz costs from ยฃ3.99 per issue, with discounts available for 6-month subscriptions and 12-month subscriptions. Find out more here:

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