Three Good Things

Happy Hump Day!! My kiddos are all out, so it’s a work day here. I’ve just submitted my OU assignment, and am now trying to get caught up on emails and paperwork! The sun is shining through the windows, and it feels like a good day. I’m trying to get caught up on jobs before it’s Miss Baya’s birthday at the weekend, and we’re whisking her away for a birthday surprise!

Here are my #threegoodthings this week


* It’s Spring!! – Happy Ostara! So pleased to see that spring is here, I’m ready for some warmer weather, garden days, being able to plant some seeds and just for this next season.

* Protesting – last Friday I took the kiddos to the Youth4ClimateChange March. We met up with some friends and joined in with all the students protesting across the world. I think it’s so important to take our children to events like this, to make them aware of issues, and to teach them to make their voices heard.

* Work Days –  it the madness of family life, I’m always grateful for the day or two a week I et to myself, to work and just crack on without constant interruptions.

What are your #threegoodthings – I’d love to hear them!

Here’s my button if you’d like to join in and blog your gratitude list!

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