Three Good Things

And another new week begins. It was a quiet-ish weekend, Saturday we popped into town for an hour at Ty Pawb, managed to catch up with a couple of friends and had some lunch out. Other than that, not much has happened – a mountain of laundry, some board games, repotted some plants and read my book while the little three were out yesterday.

I woke up Sunday morning feeling tearful. No real reason, just some days are harder than others I guess. And while most days I manage to fight {and win} the battle against the blues, somedays I know I won’t win. Those days I just try and take it easy and be kind on myself.

Still, it’s a fresh start, and I can’t/won’t sit around feeling sorry for myself. We have a busy ahead of us, and it looks like it should be a good one.

Here are my #threegoodthings from this week:

* No alarms ~ even if just for one day! Sunday is the only day of the week my alarm isn’t set {I’m up in the week to make sure Lola is off to school, and on a Saturday Baya has to be at gymnastics for 9am}. Even though I’m usually awake around my usual time, it’s nice to just wake up without the blaring of an alarm doing so!

* Book Love ~ my favourite escape these days when I’m feeling a little blue is to escape into a good book. If you’ve any recommendations please leave them below

* Baby stuff ~ slowly it’s coming together, a few bits here, a few bits there. Teeny, tiny clothes, muslins, balms for little bottoms… all makes it feel a little more real ♥

What are your #threegoodthings – I’d love to hear them!

Here’s my button if you’d like to join in and blog your gratitude list!

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