A room of my own

I spent some time over Christmas making my room truly into a room of my own. I moved into the Den downstairs last summer, so that all four kiddos could have their own rooms, but I never really felt comfortable in the room. I spent the last couple of months of last year sleeping with Beastie in his single bed. When my ex was around, he spent literally all his time in the room, all day every day, so it just didn’t feel like somewhere I could or wanted to spend any time. I’d hit a point of thinking maybe I’d swap rooms {again} with one of the big girls. Anyway, just before Christmas I finally got my house back to myself and I decided to give the room another go. SO – I spent a manic couple of hours that Sunday cleaning the room, stipping the bed, moving furniture around and trying to make the room feel more like me. 

I got rid of the bottom layer of the pallet bed as, jeez, I hated that bed! It just didn’t work in the room, while I’ve seen amazing pallet beds people have made, this definitely wasn’t one of them. A few more hours here and there over Christmas, painting the furniture back to white {I mean, no one wants a room where the furniture all the same colour as the walls?!}. I also changed the mirror up and added some pink paint to put a pop of colour into the room. It amazed me what a difference getting the furniture painted and the bed changed made to the room.

I moved things around, the bed before was at the other end of the room, but it feels so much spacier with the bed tucked under the windows and there is space the other end now for a cot if I need one {though if this baby is anything like the rest it’ll be in my bed anyway!}. I also put the mirror on the wall, as it had been driving me crazy sat on the floor waiting to be up up! And added some bunting and artwork to the walls.

New bedsheets, lots of plants, some rugs, blankets and cushions, a little alter space, fairy lights and some books the room feels SO good. It’s a feminine room now, one where I enjoy spending time and I feel at home.

There area few things I want to get for the room still, a giant sheepskin for the end of my bed, an old crate to use for a bedside table instead of the basket.. but all in all, I kinda love my room.


  1. acornishmum

    January 23, 2019 at 09:13

    I love how full of personality but also cosy it looks!

    Stevie x

  2. Claire Evans

    January 23, 2019 at 10:58

    It looks so lovely Polly. Wishing you lots of wonderful dreams in your new room xxx

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