Dear Bean ~ Week 14

Dear Bean….

This past week seems to have been a little better… the sickness has mostly passed {fingers crossed}, I’ve slept a little better and am not feeling quite so rotten! Let’s hope it stays that way.

Beastie keeps asking me when the baby is coming, he’s very concerned about whose bedroom it will have to share. The kiddos are all split on whether they want a brother or a sister, as for me… honestly, I don’t mind either way. Although a part of me says ‘BOY’ as getting three girls through the teenage years might be more than enough haha! Only six weeks until we can find out what Bean is.

My belly is really starting to show now, though it could easily be confused with a belly that has eaten one too many mince pies {that would be quite true as well to be fair}.

Emotionally, I still cry at every. single. thing. Haha! It’s driving even me nuts now, hoping it settles down soon and I feel a little less crazy!




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