Three Good Things

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Hello, new week :) I hope that you all had a lovely weekend? Our weekend was pretty chilled out, just what we needed after a busy week last week when we barely seemed to be home. I’m looking forward to a more home-based week this week.

Here are three good things from last week:

* Vegan treats in Costa – Vegan food is becoming more and more popular and easy to find, Lola and I went out for coffee yesterday {I had a Coconut Vanilla Latte YUM!} and Costa now have a vegan slice on offer – it’s a Coconut & Pistachio Slice and was so very tasty

* New-to-me clothes – a lovely friend gave me a bag full of new clothes including the most gorgeous vintage maxi dress!#

* A day out in Chester – Thursday I took the kiddos to Chester for the day, Kiki and Baya had their book club in the afternoon, we went a little early to do some shopping and visit Build-a-Bear! It was a fun {if expensive} day out!

What were your good things from last week?

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