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If you’re looking for headbands that your kiddos won’t mind wearing, then check out Snuggly Rascals. Born from a desire to create fun & quirky products for kids, they created a range of fun and comfortable headphones. They are made from a snuggly, soft fleece favric with adjustable flat speakers. Theyare machine washable {yay!} and adjustable so will fit any kids head!

They come in fun and colourful designs – Unicorn, Monster, Penguin, Cat, Plane, Piggy,  Giraffe and Chicken. We got a pair of the Unicorn design for Baya to try out {of course, sh’es unicorn obsessed!}.


The headphones are really comfortable to wear, even laying down. The volume is limited to below the recommended 85 decibel level. This means that children’s hearing, which is more susceptible to noise-induced hearing impairment than adults, is fully protected and Snuggly Rascals even muffle external noise, offering additional protection.

I love these headphones, they are great for travelling as they can be popped easily into a bag, and perfect for those times you need to entertain a child yet don’t want everyone to have to listen to what they are watching.


The company also donate 10% of profits to a different charity every month so not only are you keeping your kids happy (and quiet!) but you can also feel good about helping many causes.


Wreceived the product in exchange for an honest review

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