Springtime gardening

I *think* spring has sprung!! It feels SO good to get outdoors after what feels like an endless winter cooped up inside. We’ve been tiding up the garden, ready for some long days spent out there playing, bbq-ing and entertaining. The grass is, well, more mud than grass right now, but there are a few spring flowers out and we’ve been planting some bulbs this week so we’ll have a garden full of colour in the summer {hopefully}.

spalding bulbs

Spalding Bulb sent us a box full of bulbs, Kiki and Baya were all too happy to help me plant them! As we’re hoping to move at some point this year, I’m not growing much veg this time, just filling the border with pretty flowers so it’s not bare if we are here in the summer, without too much work.

It was a fun way to spend the morning, the kiddos love to help out in the garden, we also planted some sunflower seeds and a few peas. Nothing beats getting your hands dirty and the fresh air and sunshine put us all in a good mood. Tea and homemade flapjack after planting made it even better. Now to wait {in}patiently for our flowers to appear!

baya planting

bulb planting


kiki planting bulbs

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