Project Wild Thing at Camp Bestival

Last year at Camp Bestival, the girls favourite place to go was the Dingly Dell. As we were blessed with blazing sunshine all weekend long, spending time in the shade of the woods was blissful. It was a little haven tucked away in the festival, not only cool but a magical natural playground. There were fairy houses to build, stories to be heard, a playground to play on and a dressing up corner.

This year the Dingly Dell has been taken over by Project Wild Thing and we couldn’t be more excited! For us as a family, spending lots of time outdoors connecting with nature is incredibly important. We don’t have TV, the girls don’t spend all day glued to a computer screen {yes we do watch the odd movie, and they do play the odd game – but it’s certainly not a daily occurrence}. Getting outdoors, climbning trees, picking fruit, swimming in the river, spending ‘wild time’ is something that we do as much as we can.

Project Wild Thing will bring of nature-focused activities, workshops, gatherings and talks across the whole weekend. From listening spots in the woods, to creative nature writing sessions, wild story-telling, an un-nature trail, creature mask making, bird spotting (and stepping), shadow drawing, groking, and a digital detox for screen addled minds. Project Wild Thing aims to help kids and their folks re-connect with the wild and theyโ€™ll help you take that habit back home.

Find out more about Project Wild Thing in this video:

Project Wild Thing + Camp Bestival from Green Lions on Vimeo.

Camp Bestival tickets can be bought here – we hope to see you there!

7 thoughts on “Project Wild Thing at Camp Bestival

  1. Project Wild Thing is awesome, and I really wish I was going to camp bestival this year – or any festival actually :( Project Wild Thing is awesome!

  2. I really want to go to Camp Bestival, it looks awesome. I can’t believe Glastonbury is so soon too, that’s only down the road from me so it’s awful when that’s on, Matt won’t let me watch it on telly either as it makes him too annoyed he’s not there! x

  3. Yey it looks like we are going again this year and our favourite spot was also the Dingy Dell – great for kids and can’t wait that Porject Wild thing will be taking it over!

    Laura x

  4. Hello! Congratulations on your pregnancy. Am so looking forward to project wild thing at camp bestival. Two things I’m passionate about in one bundle.
    Don’t know if you remember me, we met at blogtacular. Anyhow, there’s a bloggers meet up on Saturday afternoon Bollywood tent. 2-4pm, if you fancy. There’s a FB group for bloggers too. Appreciate not everyone thing, but thought I’d let you know.

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