Owl always love you

brown owl

little owl

owl key hanger

owl mug

owl necklaces

owl oilburner

owl picture

seed owl

Sorry for the corny title… I couldn’t resist ;) If you walked into my home, I don’t think it would be very hard to tell that I’m a *little* bit obsessed with owls!! From salt & pepper owl shakers to my key rack… they are everywhere… G just shakes his head when yet another one comes home with me {sorry dear!} They’re just so darn cute I can’t resist! Russian dolls and deer fight for second place! I’ve been lucky enough to have a few sent to me by lovely friends who know how much I love owls, others I’ve collected at charity shops and car-boot sales.

Do you have an obssesion collection that is taking over your house? I shared just a few photos of my favourite owls… if I photographed everyone this post would be a mile long! If you’ve blogged about your collection, leave me a link, I’d love to go see.

This mama is sick today… what started as a head cold has moved onto my chest, I’m coughing like crazy, sound like I smoke 50 a day and am a little breathless… trying to take it easy today. I’m not very good at stopping and resting, I tend to keep going. I’ve learnt from experience that ends up making me even more sick… so I’m going try my hardest to not do very much today!!

4 thoughts on “Owl always love you

  1. Love the sneak peek into your owl collection I just took a look around my home now and yes there are a lot of owls here too…I never really noticed how many there actually are lol just love em! Rest up, enjoy your owls and get well soon :)

  2. Sorry to hear you’re feeling poorly, get better soon. Love the owls, especially the owl mug, Elephants are my favourite, haven’t managed to get a
    Ellie mug yet!.
    Hope all is well
    Maura x

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