Living Life Your Way…. Interview with Connie Hozvicka

I’ve been working hard the last few months at overcoming my fears and following my dreams. So I’m running a series of interview with inspiring people to see what part fear has played in their life and how they’ve overcome it to live life their way…

This weeks interview is with Connie Hozvicka from Dirty Footprints Studio

Hi Connie. Tell us a little about yourself.
Hi Polly!! I’m super excited to be a part of your interview series!!! Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you!

Well, my name is Connie Hozvicka.  I am the guide to the FEARLESS Painting Adventure, an Artist, and the creative force behind Dirty Footprints Studio–which happens to be the name of both my business and my blog!  I LOVE Yoga, just recently dreaded my hair, drink smoothies like they are going out of style, and feel that my Creative Juicy Life is constantly expanding into bliss that I want nothing more in this life then to share this joy with others!

Do you work full time as an artist?
Yes I do!  This past May I finally became fully self employed and it has been the best decision of my entire life!


Is the life you lead now, the life you’ve always dreamt of?

 Oh my goodness NO, but at the same time I feel like I’m living the dream!  For example, ten years ago when I was in Art School in Cleveland, Ohio if you told me that in ten years I would be living in the desert of Arizona, painting full time, an obsessive blogger, and teaching people from all over the world in online classes I would have seriously thought you were tripping on mushrooms!  But the thing is—I have always had BIG dreams–and I always follow those BIG dreams–and as I do, I notice that both myself and my dreams evolve.  So the great part is that you could have asked me ten years ago as well if I was living the dream–and without a doubt I would have said yes then too!  That’s the beauty of my Creative Juicy Life! I am so, so blessed.

When you have faced difficulties, what has been your inspiration to keep going?
 Wow Polly, this question really got me thinking.  The truth is, after deep reflection, my desire to help others has always been my inspiration.  When I used to teach Art full time in an elementary school I hated where I worked.  I would go to work and be miserable and feel like I was constantly swimming in a sea of negativity.  Finally, I decided that if I was “stuck” there, I needed to become very aware and find ways to make things more Creative Juicy for myself—so that later I could help others to navigate circumstances and experiences in their own life into more nourishing and empowering experiences as well.  I find that I no longer strongly resist difficult or uncomfortable situations—but instead embrace them, knowing that later I can be a source of strength, wisdom, and guidance to others and possibly offer them tools to help them through these times as well.

Fear affects us all at some point. What part has fear played in your life and how have you over come it?
This is such an excellent question.  Ever since I decided to become self employed and create a life that truly comes from my heart–fear and I have become quite the dance partners.  This is huge, Polly. Seriously–HUGE.   Because, like many of us, I come from a long ancestry of fear–and I have seen many family members and friends build a life on it.  To be honest, for a long time, I did as well.  But something clicked.  I started to trust in myself and my intuition–and as I’ve done so–I keep learning again and again that there is nothing to really fear–because I have the answers—I know the way.  So lately I have not let fear dictate my decisions anymore–but rather to guide me in the right direction.  When I begin to feel fear I know I need to move closer to it–because it is there where the juice is and where I’ll grow!

What advice would you offer on following your heart and living your dreams?
 Believe.  Believe.  Believe.  And believe some more. 

And then believe even a few tiny more drops.

Anything and everything is possible.  That I tell you from my own experience–not just repeating some silly cliche.

What do you think are the three most important things you need to lead a happy and radiant life?

Well, I bet this answer is different for everyone…but for me, the three things that help make my life happy and radiant is number one LOVE.  Every day is an exercise in LOVE for me.  I create out of LOVE–I share out of LOVE–I live my life to be a beam of LOVE to others and myself.  

Second, creativity.  I was born to create things–from paintings, to ideas, to tribes of kindred souls, to delicious smoothies.  My creativity keeps me going and always makes my life full and interesting.

Last, curiosity.  I am in a constant state of wonder or excitement about something!!!  I am always wanting to learn more about myself, my Creative Juicy Life, the lovely people in my life, and this world in general.  What would my days be like if there wasn’t something to learn more about and the constant opportunity to grow! A lively curiosity is the way to go!

Where can we connect with you?
 You can keep up with my Creative Juicy Life at my blog Dirty Footprints Studio HERE—you can dive into my FEARLESS Painting Adventure by taking one of my online workshops HERE, and I tend to hang out a lot on my Facebook page HERE and of course on Twitter HERE!

3 thoughts on “Living Life Your Way…. Interview with Connie Hozvicka

  1. Thank you so much for doing this interview, Polly! What a great idea for a series…Connie, is an exceptional inspiration. What I love most about her is that she practices what she preaches…she lives it and then shares it with others. Her genuine heart and endless generosity have changed more lives than I bet she ever imagined I’m so glad that this interview led me here and Connie was able to introduce me to your blog as well. It’s wonderful! Sending you wishes to live your dreams in a BIG way! Thanks to Connie I’m doing that NOW!

  2. Polly, thank you so much for this interview opportunity–it really prompted me to be reflective and mindful on my journey so far. YOU, dear one are an inspiration yourself–BIG, BIG Hugs!!

  3. Polly, thank you so much for this interview opportunity–it really prompted me to be reflective and mindful on my journey so far. YOU, dear one are an inspiration yourself–BIG, BIG Hugs!!

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