I’ve been a busy bee…..

The last week or so has been fantastic. We’ve finally shifted the remains of sickness we all had over the new year and have gotten back into ‘real life’ after the Christmas break. The girls have a little more structure in their home ed experience now. I think that they (and I) needed a little structure and it worked great last week.
I’ve also been feeling very creative lately too. I’ve been finishing off a few Valentine’s craft ideas that I’m going to post on here the first week of February. I’ve done some crafting ready for a craft swap I’m participating in. I’ve started to try and learn to crochet – attempt number 1 wasn’t great, but was just about recognisable as crochet ;-)
Saturday evening, the girls were snuggled up watching Spongebob and I had the sudden urge to make an owl (as you do!) so I did. I drew up a quick pattern, chopped out my pieces, sewed away and 45 minutes later this is what I had:


I am in love! He now has pride of place on my bed (and I haven’t settled on a name for him yet – any suggestions??) I ended up making 4 more on Sunday, the girls wanted one each, and I made one as a gift too.

I also managed to do a few paintings last week too. It was nice to break the draught in painting, it felt like it had been forever since I’d actually had the inspiration to paint.

And lastly I did some embroidery yesterday. The little one was in bed, the bigger two were happy colouring in, so I put some Emiliana Torrini on and embroidered away! I drew the owl straight onto the fabric and followed my lines. It’s the first time I’ve embroidered in YEARS. I loved it and think I may be doing more!