What I Wore Wednesday

K, so I’d planned on showing you 3 outfits…but turned out 2 outfit photos were terrible (i.e. blurred and over exposed) so, just have Monday’s outfit!!! Must try harder next time with my photography!!!

The sun has been out the last two days and I’ve felt goooood! It’s amazing what a difference some sun can make (especially after a really cold and wet winter!) I’m still trying to work on my ’30 Things to do in my 30th year’ list – any suggestions gratefully welcomed! And counting down to my birthday (and Miss Baya’s who’ll turn 2 on the 23rd!!!!)

{blogged} What I Wore Wednesday
{blogged} What I Wore Wednesday
{blogged} What I Wore Wednesday
 Shoes & Dress Рthrifted
Tights – Primark

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