And now she is 2!

We had a great day yesterday for Baya’s birthday. She was so excited opening all of her presents! Her favourite seemed to be a little dog on a lead – she was so excited when she saw it she was squealing, clapping her hands and dancing around :)
Wew had a few of her friends round in the afternoon. They played pass the parcel, ate lots of party food, did some dancing and played out in our garden. Then after they’d left we headed to Pizza Hut for a birthday dinner. By the time we’d gotten home, all 3 girls (as well as Mummy and Daddy) were exhausted! But I think the birhtdya girl had a great day!
Now we need to rest so we’re not tired for my birthday party on Saturday! I can’t wait to wear the new dress I bought :) Here’s a collage from yesterday:

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