Three Good Things


Hey :) Hope you all had a good weekend? Ours wasn’t quite the one I planned, ended up with a poorly sick Kiki and Beastie. Sofa snuggles, extra hugs and a few movies were called for.

Here are three good things from this past week:

* Being able to stop ~ when Kiki woke up on Friday poorly, I was so grateful that I didn’t have to worry about going to work/finding someone to look after her/sending her to school. We could slow down and stay home for a sofa day for her without any stress. Being self-employed has some benefits!

* New ink ~ seriously, not much makes me as happy as a tattoo appointment and fresh ink. Tattoos are like my therapy – love having pretty new tats beautifying my skin

* Homemade pizza ~ Saturday nights call for pizza – I made myself a sweet pototo base this time which was SO SO good {I’ll share the recipe soon!}


What were your three good things from your week?

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