Rainbow Braid Loom Band Madness

Rainbow Braid Loom Band Pig

5400 Band Mega Rainbow Braid Refill set

I don’t know about in your house, but in mine we got hid hard by the loom band craze! For weeks and weeks, I heard tales of these loom bands that ALL their friends at Brownies and Guides had. Finally, we dipped our toes in and bought our first packs. The rest, as they say, was history. For Miss Kiki especially – that girl truly is loom band crazy.

Rainbow Braid Loom Bands

She’ll happily spend all day long making this and that – she quickly moved on from bracelets and rings to dolls and owls and piggies! In the beginning she watched a couple of Youtube tutorials, but now she just makes her own patterns up. The sweetest thing is that she doesn’t seem to mind on the occasion that it goes wrong, and comes to pieces as she takes it off the loom.

rainbow braid loom band owls

She gets through packets and packets of loom bands {let’s not count the trillion scattered all across her bedroom floor and half of the house!}, so when we got offered this amazing 5400 Band Mega Rainbow Braid Refill set she couldn’t believe her luck. Amazon is always my one-stop shop for pretty much everything these days. The set arrived really quickly, and with 300 of every colour – solid (red, white, purple, turquoise, black, light blue, dark blue) – fluorescent (yellow, green, blue, pink, orange, purple) – glitter (pink, blue, purple, orange, green), she was in heaven. She said that the best thing about it was that they were all in separate colour bags so it was easy to find the ones she needed! There were also 250 ‘s-clips’ included in the set.

rainbow braid loom band people

The bands themselves seem really strong – we’ve had others that have snapped really easily, but so far, none of these have broken. The thing that really impressed me, especially after reading a few online scares lately, is that these bands are one of the only brand of bands lab tested and shown to contain no lead or phthalates. At just £14.99 for the set it’s a fantastic price to pay for so many loom bands, espeically considering how much fun they bring {and peace and quiet!!}.