Living Room Nesting and Italian Leather Sofa’s

Now we’re back home from our holiday, we are ready to fully embrace Autumn now. My garden is covered in fallen leaves and this morning there was a little mist. Summer has been wonderful, but now I’m looking forward to all that Autumn brings – cooler, crisp mornings, long walks and then snuggling indoors, curled up altogether on the sofa with a fire roaring.

This pregnancy has really given me the urge to ‘nest’ – to decorate and organise this little house of ours. Knowing that I’m going to spend a lot of this winter safe inside where it’s warm, with a tiny baby, has really made me want to do all those jobs that have been on the to-do list for a far too long. The kitchen is finished, bathroom up next, new windows are coming soon, the Mr is on the case for shampooing all of our carpets, and I’ve been doing some major decluttering.

One big thing on my wishlist is new sofas. Ours our 10 years old, a gift from the in-laws when we first moved to Wales. While they’ve served us well, they are in dire need of replacing. What I really, really want is some gorgeous leather sofas. I love the way that they look, but also the fact that with children [and pets] they are so much more practical than canvas/cotton sofas. Mine are covered in marks and stains from little hands.

italian leather sofa

I’ve been lusting over these gorgeous Italian Leather Sofas from Newman and Bright. These two are my favourites – I love brown leather sofas, and these ones look gorgeous and cosy – perfect for an afternoon curled up in front of a fire with a baby.

cordoba italian leather sofa

How gorgeous are they?! I think that they would look perfect in our living room – now I just have to convince pap that new sofas are an essential ;)