Road Trippin’

kiki baya penrhyn castle

Photos from our road trip last Saturday… we’d hired a car to go to Center Parcs, and after arriving home on Friday night, decided as we had the car until Sunday morning, we would head out for the day. A car of our own is top of our shopping list – esp with number four on the way! Public transport gets so expensive for a big family, plus living where we do in North Wales, there are just so many places we can’t get by train or bus.

We didn’t actually get out of the house until lunchtime, but enjoyed the beautiful drive through the mountains, arriving in Bangor at 2pm. A quick stop to by flowers and then a visit to G’s Nain’s grave to lay them, we went to Penryhn Castle. G had been twenty years ago, but the kiddos and I hadn’t visited before. We had a picnic lunch, and a wander around the castle which is amazing! Definitely on our ‘go back to’ list.

We decided to surprise the girlies with a stop at the seaside on our way home. So we hopped back in the car, and drove to Llandudno. We used to go lots when Lola was a tot and we had a car, but haven’t been for years. We found a pub for some dinner, then took a walk down to the pier. It was a little chilly, but so pretty – the sun was just starting to set and the sky was gorgeous. We walked to the end of the pier, then back up where the kiddos spent a fun half hour in the arcades {and spent a small fortune on the 2p machines!}

By this time it was almost 8pm, dark and we were all tired, so we took a drive home. Love road-tripping and it’s so easy when you’re not waiting for buses/trains!! Such a fun day out – we really need that car! Oh – and I really need to learn to drive :/ The thought of learning to drive and then having four kids shouting at me puts me off a little ha!!

lola kiki penrhyn castle

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