Three Ideas for the Perfect First Date

A first date is a nerve-wracking thing, a heady mix of sheer nerves and will-we-won’t-we tension that can make even the simplest of tasks an exercise in composure. The idea of a first date at all is scary enough, let alone picking what to do for it! Still, recent statistics suggest we aren’t so shy about spending for a first date – with UK adults spending an average of £47.50 on the occasion.

But all too often, we settle for the cinema as a safe first location for a first date – which, truth be told, is an utterly terrible idea for a meeting in which we’re meant to be getting to know someone. Instead of sitting next to one another in silence for up to three hours, why not try one of the following date ideas for a unique, fun and engaging experience?

An Evening Picnic

For a date that’s guaranteed to put conversation front and centre, why not keep things simple with a picnic? You get to show off your cooking skills by bringing your own dishes, and you get to control your surroundings without spending so much as a penny. You could enjoy a twilight dinner in a local park for a neutral, public place to meet for the first time.

Alternatively, if you know one another and feel safe sharing personal space, you could deck out your back garden or patio as a private park for evening romance; by stringing solar lights up and down the garden, you can create a canopy of warm light that’ll keep you outdoors and cosy even as the temperatures drop – leaving room for the two of you to snuggle for warmth if the sparks are flying right…

A Day of Geocaching

For something that’s a little more active, but still takes advantage of the great outdoors, you could lean into something incredibly niche and wholly fun: geocaching. For the uninitiated, geocaching is a form of real-life treasure hunt. Geocaches, or secret packages containing items and a logbook, are hidden by hobbyists in myriad locations across the country, and their GPS location published for people to try and find it.

This may sound like an unusual choice for a first date, but geocaching is a fantastic way to get to know someone. It amounts to hiking in beautiful places and looking for secret treasure together, giving you lots to talk about and lots of time to do it in. If you’re looking for a memorable way to spend your first date, this is it!

A Karaoke Night

If strenuous activity doesn’t appeal for a first date, there are still ways you can put the both of you outside of your comfort zone and into fertile territory for conversation and fun. One extremely fun way to lay yourselves bare to each other is to commit to a night of karaoke together.

Whether you go to a bar’s karaoke night or get a private booth together, you will be forced to sing the hits to one another – breaking down any barriers and self-consciousness immediately. Karaoke isn’t for everyone – but even if it isn’t for you, it can be a great way to kick off a budding romance.

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