How to Reduce Nausea During Pregnancy

Pregnant young woman sitting on bed and feeling sick at home

Seven out of ten women experience morning sickness during pregnancy. And while most pregnancy nausea eases in the second trimester, those first three months can feel like an eternity.

From early mornings to late nights, “morning” sickness shows no partiality for the time of day. If nausea has you down for the count, there are many ways to reduce your nausea from your morning sickness.

Read on to learn a few ways to help you reduce nausea and keep you and your baby healthy during pregnancy.

Don’t Overdo It

It might sound simple to say “don’t overdo it” during your first trimester. However, for many moms, it’s not easy to do.

If you are used to jumping out of bed and quickly starting your morning, you will want to slow your mornings down to help keep morning sickness from heading into hyperdrive.

Try setting your alarm one hour before you need to get up. Doing so will give you the time to slowly sit up, maybe eat a few crackers on your bedside table, and get ready for the day without rushing.

Rest is just as important. Getting plenty of sleep at night and during the day will help reduce symptoms of morning sickness. Finding rest may be a struggle with other children or work, but try to rest your body at any chance you can to keep nausea from flaring.

Eat Smaller and More Frequent Meals

Another tangible way to stay on top of your morning sickness is in how you structure your meal schedule. Reduce sickness by eating smaller meals throughout the day instead of just three meals in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

Often if you are too hungry, nausea takes it up a notch. Keeping healthy snacks on your bedside table, in your purse, or within the pantry allows you to have grab-and-go food to nourish your body all day.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated during pregnancy is crucial. Make sure you are paying close attention to your fluid intake.

Depending on the severity of your morning sickness, dehydration can become harmful to you or the baby and can aggravate your nausea.

Drink at least 48-64 ounces of water each day. If you are vomiting, you may need more to keep your body from becoming dehydrated.

Talk to Your Doctor

If your nausea while pregnant is severe, you should talk to your doctor. Ensure that you and your baby are remaining healthy as the highest priority.

Your doctor may prescribe a medication to help with your morning sickness. There is even an option for a prenatal vitamin designed to help with nausea. Click here to learn more and ask your doctor if a prescription might be an option to reduce your pregnancy nausea.

Reduce Nausea for a Smoother Pregnancy

Pregnancy is exhausting and the first trimester morning sickness can be tricky to navigate. Finding time to rest, eating and drinking frequently, and talking to your doctor can help you to reduce nausea and enjoy pregnancy a bit more.

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