Good Feng Shui: Lifestyle Tips For Year Of The Water Tiger

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If you’re big on self-improvement and enhancing the quality of your life, the Chinese year of the Water Tiger is one of the best periods of transformation. Backed by the power of the water tiger, we can harness the energy, zeal and motivation to get things done efficiently. But since many of us have been experiencing pandemic burnout, things need to be started on a smaller scale so that you can build sustainable habits. This blog will help you focus on five key aspects that can bring about life-changing positivity in your life! Without any further ado, let’s get right into it.

  • Create a beautiful living space: Your living room and home is a reflection of your inner state. Too often we feel anxious, caged and mentally erratic not noticing that our home may also be in a disarray. This year, put some extra focus and care into maintaining your home from the outside and inside as well. For starters, you can create a repairs and maintenance checklist for your exterior, especially the windows and roofs. If you find a problem fixing things up, call a St. John’s roofing contractor professional to help get the work done quickly. Next, focus on decluttering your physical space and arranging it in a manner that helps your functionality. All of these habits that bring in some discipline to housekeeping will restore your home’s energy, leaving you invigorated too.
  • Work with integrity: One of the greatest qualities of the water tiger is that the being never compromises on its integrity and values. Deeply secure and intuitive, a water tiger knows that work ethic and diligence pays off on a personal note. Inculcate the characteristics of this magnificent creature in your professional life to reap the benefits manyfold.
  • Take pride in your accomplishments: Apart from integrity and diligence comes an innate sense of confidence from within. The water tiger is sure in its steps and takes great pride in the work accomplished. Take the time to review all that you have experienced and grown through in the last year and applaud yourself. Not only does this improve your morale, but also helps in positive affirmations.
  • Put self-care as a priority: Have you ever seen a cat not grooming itself? They are the cleanest creatures for a reason. Prioritize yourself in terms of your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Apart from caring for your body, go to therapy if need be, or seek some energy healing techniques to keep yourself balanced.
  • Learn new skills for independence: Felines are highly independent creatures, especially tigers. Make some time to learn new things for your personal talents or start a new hobby. You can also upskill yourself by upgrading your knowledge this year.


Wrapping Up:

Since tigers are considered as one of the most royal creatures in the animal kingdom, there’s a lot we can learn from these wise beasts. We hope that you can use these pieces of advice where this year brings you great fortune and outcomes!

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