Step by Step Guide on How to Set Up a Modern Gazebo


A gazebo is an outdoor structure set up on a garden or the backyard with a roof, it is often hexagon or octagonal. It is meant to provide an outdoor space that has a shade to protect from the sun or rain and for relaxation. Most gazebos are structures made of wood or metal on the sides with proper roofing. On the inside there are seats, they could be built in or movable.In some cases, gazebos can have drapes or curtains to create a sense of privacy and enclosure when needed. 

You can set up gazebos at home, in a strategic place for instance at the center of the compound or in the backyard. Some hotels have these structures for their visitors to enjoy the outdoors.We all have ideas of our desired gazebo fantasies that we want to bring to life, whether you have money to spend buying the most stylish gazebos at the stores or if you want to try and build your own.



On the exterior of your gazebo, you have to decide what materials you will use. For instance, for the sides, some might choose to have the structure open with foldable drapes or curtains or side nets to be used when needed.They help protect from bugs and flies especially at night. While others might choose to build a wall about less than three feet high round the place. 

It can be made of bricks and well plastered. You will also need wood or metal or cement planks in place to hold the roofing. For the roof, people use different materials, some might opt for a tent,or makuti or iron sheets among others. Sometimes geographical locations have a bearing on what material is used. For example in hot places like when building a gazebo along the beach, using iron sheets is not advisable because it increases the heat. You’ll need a flexible structure that can withstand both weather and water.

Add a Cozy Feel


A gazebo is meant for relaxation and therefore, making the place cozy helps achieve that objective. You can have built in seats either made of cement or wood and add some fluffy beautiful throw pillows for comfort. Also, you can get really nice seats from your favorite furniture store. Seats that are suitable for an outdoor setting, with thought out colors to blend with the surrounding. You can even consider foldable seats that can be stored somewhere when necessary. 



The placement of things in the gazebo has to be intentional. For permanent set out gazebos, you have to place the seats in a strategic way, it could be facing the ocean or nature or garden. Also, some designs allow for a built-in kitchen or bar area. In the kitchen you will need a usable source of water such as a sink and for those without a sink you can get a quality plastic bucket with handle to store and carry water. 

Having a built-in kitchen area is good because you can store basics such as glasses, plates, spoons, things you might want to use in the gazebo. This helps avoid movement to the house kitchen. Try and make it feel homey and reflect your personal style.You can decorate the edges with pots of summer flowers to give the place vibrance or use thick logs as stools to create the rustic aesthetic. 



Lighting always plays a role in creating the proper ambience for any setting. During the day, gazebos are meant to use natural sunlight, to illuminate the place and give it some warmth. At night lightning is necessary. You can obtain good and quality lights such asthe 2835 led strip and install them. For instance, Festoon lights, lovely linens, and aromatic candles will make your visitors feel at home. With different type lights, you may get a variety of appearances and create an intimate setting depending on what your goal is. 

Additional elements


When setting up a modern gazebo you have to think of designs that are more specific to you. For instance, you can have a built-in fireplace in case of cold. Some might also prefer to have a cupboard to store things used in the gazebo-like candle lights or extra pillows and sheets. You can choose to have a grill in case you are into outdoor cooking with friends. 

Some might choose to store fine wine and alcohol in the gazebo whenever they choose to drink and relax outside. You can get a durable and quality home safe for cash for your outdoor setting, this way you will be able to safely leave some of your prized possessions and money, and rest assured they are safe. When designing a gazebo, you can personalize it to suit your style and functionality.


Gazebos are the best spot to retire to especially in hot areas. The open architecture lets the airflow through and the roof gives a good soothing shade for relaxation.

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