Just Some Of The Many Ways To Incorporate Your Hobbies In Your Decor

What is it that informs your sense of style and your choice of decor in the home? For some people, it’s purely aesthetic, and there’s precisely nothing wrong with that. However, if you’re the kind of person that likes to have a space feel more personal to them, then there are various ways that you can incorporate a hobby or passion that means a lot to you. Here, we’re going to look at the various ways that you can use it in your style.

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Art lovers rejoice

It’s already a very common choice for wall decor, so if you’re an art fan, it’s not going to take too much work to create your own wall gallery. Simply choose your favourite pieces, as well as an arrangement for them, and put them up. You can even choose one singular piece to go up on the wall. If you create your own visual art, then it does take a little more bravery to host your own pieces but the rules remain much the same. Whether you choose pieces that better fit the style of the room or stand out to interrogate the viewer’s gaze is up to you and what you want your space to do.

Don’t be shy with your photography

Anyone can put up wall art, of course. There’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s perhaps the easiest hobby to incorporate. However, if you consider yourself a photographer, then it takes perhaps a little extra courage to put your own works on display, but you can do it just as easily. Just make sure that the frames you choose, if you click here, are intentionally picked, as well. Frames can help to either help your photos stand out and pop from the wall, or they can help blend them against the wall. It’s all a matter of whether you would prefer to turn your art into a focal point or if you would rather let it settle in as part of the room’s atmosphere.

Bringing your travels home

Hanging up your favourite photos can be more than just a display of your love of photography. There are other hobbies that are well explored by photography as well, perhaps none more so than travel. If you have plenty of photos of your favourite destinations, then using them as fodder for a wall gallery is an easy way to show your passion for travel off. It’s not the only way, however. When you travel, you might want to pick up some souvenirs as well. Little knick-knacks, keychains, even natural elements such as beach sand or pebbles can be brought back home to create a little travel vignette made from bits and pieces from each one of your adventures, adding a more personal dimension to it.

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Make a library out of your home

Aside from art and photos, books are another lifestyle or hobby element that is widely used to decorate and there are various ways to do it. Simply putting some bookshelves up, whether they’re suspended against the wall or an entire piece of furniture (or multiple) is one way to do it. However, if you really want your space to better suit that hobby, then why not consider making your own reading nook at home? What else perfectly says how much you adore your hobby than giving it a space of its own for you to indulge it. It’s more than just aesthetic, it’s a practical choice, as well.

Go green with it

If you consider yourself somewhat green-thumbed, then why keep it to the garden? Gardening indoors with houseplants you can find at places like this site can help you grow your plants in a more controlled environment that’s safer from pests and easier to adapt to their needs. It can also help you grow plants that wouldn’t normally grow in your climate. There are all kinds of ways to get decorative with interior plants, such as placing them as focal points on the windows, tables, and various surfaces, or even going vertical with them and creating an interior green wall. That’s not even diving into the sheer variety of plants, flowers, and succulents that you can texture the home with.

Create a shrine to your sport

You might think that only the more passive and relaxed hobbies make for good decor but that’s not true at all. If you’re more active in your pursuits, such as enjoying a certain sport, then you can make good use of it as well. The easiest approach is to collect knick-knacks that have a tie to your favourite team or sports personalities, such as hanging a jersey on a wall or finding a place for a framed boxing poster. But you can make displays out of sporting equipment, as well, such as hanging vintage tennis rackets, whether they have an importance to you, personally, or are a souvenir from a favourite player or even if they simply emulate a player’s choice of racket.

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Displaying a collection

Perhaps your hobby is collecting something, be it stamps, teapots, figurines of a specific type or otherwise. Regardless of what it is that you collect, you should make sure that they have some space to breathe by finding a place to flaunt them. Some collections are better hung on the wall, while others might need a standing space but, usually, you want to make sure that they are protected from their environment and kept in the best condition possible. To that end, you might want to look at things like glass cases that you can put them in. It’s much more visually effective than keeping them in closed drawers. Just make sure they’re positioned in terms of height that makes them more visible to visitors and guests, as well.

Star all your favourite movies

Wall galleries are some of the easiest ways to put several hobbies on display, and that goes for your favourite movies as well. You can easily buy and frame some of your favourite film posters to give the room a distinct cinema vibe. However, as with reading, you can go a lot further and turn the room into a place that actually helps you engage in your hobby. Create your own home cinema with the right mix of comfortable seating, effective sound placement, and lighting controls and you will have not only a place that puts your hobbies on display but an excellent place to hang out and socialise with your guests while watching (or showing off) some of your favourite flicks.

Let out that inner gamer

One hobby that is slowly becoming more socially acceptable and less stigmatized is that of gaming. After all, it’s grown larger than the already mentioned film industry. You can just as easily incorporate it in your decor, as well. There are places like this site that exclusively sell gaming merchandise. Whether you choose wall art that takes your favourite characters and franchises and makes them a little more stylistic for perfect presentation, or you creating a miniature shrine to gaming in the form of a vignette or a bookshelf’s worth of knick-knacks, there are plenty of ways to put your love on display without thoroughly overwhelming the space with your passions.

If you’re giving your room a refresh, then consider doing it with a more personal style and take the time to incorporate your hobby. It can feel extremely affirming and is also a courageous way to put a little more of yourself on display.

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