Long weeks and lockdown stress.

Oh, it’s been a long week! Judging from my social media, everyone has been feeling it this week. This lockdown definitely seems to be hitting people harder than before. Perhaps it’s the time of year {January is depressing at the best of times}, perhaps it’s that we’re almsot a year in and things don’t seem to be getting better.

My kids have all been full of emotions this week. Niggly, arguing with each other. A little fed up with missing college/gym/friends/being stuck home. The weather has been pretty shitty – while we could go out, cold and rain don’t really entice them out of the house!

Tempers have been fraught, patience short.

Mama too. I’ve not felt the best this week. A toddler who needs me 24/7. A six year old who can talk for Wales. Teenagers/tweenagers who seem to annoy each other just by existing.

Oh my.

My frustrations have been high. I know what I need to do – STOP. Let go of my expectations of myself and slow down. Stop trying to do a million and one things and just be.

I managed to grab a few hours to myself on Wednesday night, sending four kiddos to their dad, and the biggest to her Grandmas. Two hours of an empty, silent house were the best medicine. Also, my friend did suggest looking into natural remedies such as kava, as some of the kavalactones in it help those who feel overstressed to relax, which I have considered trialling when I’m feeling close to exhaustion. I say silence is the best medicine, but I’m sure these kind of remedies would help me, too. 

I’ve traditionally been really bad at making time for myself. Time when I’m not working or studying especially. Yet it is what I need more than ever right now. Time for my brain to just rest as it is frazzled. Time when I can sit and binge watch Netflix and not have anyone shout MUMMY at me. Seriously – I think my toddler is heading for a world record on how many times he can say it in one day!

LIfe in lockdown is stressful for everyone. Families all cooped up at home together, missing out on normal life, friends, and family. It is hard. There is so much we can’t do… yet so much we can do.

I’ve been trying to make sure we get outside as often as possible. Spend time with our bubble. Zoom calls. Baking. Movies. Games. Crafts. Make use of natural supports that boost our mood. It’s vital to look after yourself.

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