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flock of birds
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I headed out the house for my usual Sunday run this morning. It was a little later than usual as I stopped to chat with one of my kiddos before I left. Still, the world was still peaceful and still on a Sunday morning, the birds were singing and the night’s chill was still clinging to the air. I could see my breath as I breathed out, and there feel the cool air waking me up.

There was a time I dreaded mornings. When I was in the grips of depression, and I’d wake up and be hit with a sinking feeling of yet anohter day to get through. It would take a lot of convincing to get me out of bed, and a long time for me to feel like I was awake. Now though, I love the mornings. I’m usually awake by half past six, though it depends on a small boy if I can sneak out of bed or not!

The mornings when I manage to get out for a run are bliss. A little headspace to start the day is a wonderful treat. I find myself eager to hop out of bed on those days, pulling on my running gear and lacing up my trainers.

Headphones on, audio book playing and those forty minutes fly by. I find myself lost in my book, just breathing and running and soaking up the morning air.

Some days I look at myself, and it’s hard to believe I’m the same person I once was. I’ve spiralled around and found myself stronger, happier, more content, less anxious and fearful. I’ve let go of people and believes that no longer serve me and have focused on the beauty in my life.

The world is such an uncertain place right now, with all the ‘pandemic’ shenanigans going on. Yet I find myself content and happy. I have all that I need, and I am working on some pretty big goals. Moving myself inch by inch, day by day towards my dream life. Creating the world I want EVEN in hard times.

I’m grateful for the life lessons that brought me here, no regrets on my part for I wouldn’t be who I am now without having walked the path I have been down.

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