Stay calm and be kind

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It’s been a funny week. A mixture of totally normal and ‘wtf is going on’. Honestly, over the last couple of days, it all seems to have gone crazy. I’m trying hard to stay sensible, to only read reliable sources of news and to not obsess. I’ve been staying off my phone for big chunks of time, the coronavirus has overtaken everything, and for some, I’m sure it is anxiety fueling.

We’re being sensible, washing hands, thinking about where we’re going. Social distancing. It feels like the right thing to do. To not avoid society entirely, but be choosey.

We went to Liverpool on Tuesday, and that looks like it will probably be our last trip for a while. It no longer feels right to be on public transport or to be in closed public spaces. it’s not just about the risk to us, but more the risk we could pose to those who are vulnerable.

Thankful for that day in Liverpool – for we had fun. We visited the World Museum and the Walker Art Gallery, Oren LOVED the fish so much and Beastie was scared of the dinosaur skeletons! We did a little shopping – the girls love the ridiculously cheap shoe shops in St Johns Market.

We had planned a zoo trip on Sunday, but it just felt like too big a gamble to take a bus and a train to get there. All those germs in an enclosed space. I would hate to be responsible for carrying them and passing them on to someone.

Everything seems a little uncertain right now. The supermarkets are absolutely crazy… the nation has gone crazy over loo roll. After much hunting, we did find a couple of packets at the end of last week, as we were down to the last couple of rolls.. and with six of us in the house, we get through a fair bit.

Shelf after shelf was empty when I went to Tesco, thankfully my pantry is never bare, so I wasn’t worried too much, for now, I’ll stick to just buying our usual amounts – it doesn’t seem necessary to be panic buying and stocking up in bulk like the rest of the country seem to be doing.

I think it’s the uncertainty that is making people panic. the not knowing what will unfold in the coming days/weeks/months. Speculation is rife as to what will happen… schools to shut, events canceled, the country on lockdown… who knows.

For now, we’re taking each day as it comes. Doing what feels right, avoiding large gatherings, especially indoors where we don’t know the people. Talking to the kiddos about what’s going on honestly, I don’t think it’s right to hide facts from children. Scary things can be talked about in ways that are less scary, but still honest.

Amongst the uncertainty, it’s beautiful to see the good that comes out… communities coming together, people going out of their way to make sure others get the bits they need from the shops, helping out Mama’s who are struggling to find formula for their babies, or the elderly who can’t find loo roll. That spirit is what will carry us through.

Who knows what this week will bring, I’m hoping we can catch up with a few friends, make the most of some socialising now while we can. I’m also making sure all birthday prep for Miss Baya next week is ready {and I’m sorting Easter too… just in case!}.

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