These days

Sundays always roll around to fast. The weeks are flying by at double speed I’m sure. I never seem to have quite enough time to do everything I need to or want to… yet I long ago let go of feeling guilty about what doesn’t get done. I love these busy days, when there seems to be barely time to stop and catch my breath some days. Right here, in the thick of family life, these are the days we dream about. Babies learning to walk, little ones asking a million ‘whys’, tweens and teens figuring out who they are…

It isn’t quiet, and it isn’t easy. But boy is there a lot of love around. It can be stressful, days when I am super tired, and stretched thin trying to accommodate everyone’s needs – the juggling act of babies and teenagers is a crazy one for sure.

With a baby who doesn’t like to have less than 70% off his body touching me at any one time, it’s often tricky trying to get tasks done. Everything has to be done in the little snippets of time in between. Breaking down tasks into bite-sized jobs that I can achieve slowly, over the day or days.

Yet somehow it all gets done in the end. We get there, and at the end of the day, when I finally get to sit on the sofa, ad take a deep breath I give thanks for this big family of mine. I couldn’t imagine life any other way at all.

This weekend gone Baya had another gymnastics competition, we pretty much live and breathe gymnastics these days. She has such a love for it and such a commitment. I’m not a pushy parent, I can’t imagine every making them do things they don’t want to do… but I’ll encourage and support all the way and cheer when they win another medal.

Sunday found me with two little ones, the baby, and Baya. I was grateful of the excuse of sickness and a storm to settle in for a sofa day. To slow down and give us a chance to rest {ad me a chance to do some writing}.

I’ve started finding little pockets of time to paint again, I’d forgotten how therapeutic it is for me to have time to get creative. I’m longing for the days when those little pockets get bigger again. For now, I’ll give thanks for small pockets and a whole lot of love.

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