Oh Christmas Tree

I have memories of being a little girl, and decorating the tree and the house, feeling the magic of Christmas enveloping our home. Now, I’m the Mama and I still get excited about Christmas. I love to make things magical for my own kiddos, building on the traditions that we have put together over the last sixteen years.

We always decorate the tree on the 1st of December. It’s our favourite way to start the month, and to bring in a little of that magic to our home. My kiddos spent the last week of November counting down to the arrival of our tree, and the 1st when we could decorate. We always pop some Christmas vinyl on, crack open a box of chocolates {and a cheeky glas of Bailey’s for Mama} and spend the afternoon turning our home into a winter wonderland,

There is nothing quite like digging out the box of ornaments that we have collected over the years, and relishing all of the memories that we hold.

Once again, we were lucky enough to be gifted a gorgeous tree from Pines and Needles. They always send such lovely trees – not only are they a great shape, but they always last all month long with no problems. They are a carbon positive company for most of the year as their trees absorb Carbon and emit Oxygen. During the Christmas season Pines and Needles they are Carbon Neutral as any emissions from transportation and delivery vehicles is offset by the trees still growing in their plantations. I love their whole ethos, and that they mainly use British trees from sustainable forests – less air and land miles means reduced emissions! While I’d love to go pick our own tree, being carless makes that a little tricky, so the fact that they deliver to my door is wonderful – not sure I could manage a 6ft tree on the bus!

Getting to create this sense of wonder for my own kiddos is just magical, I love seeing their faces light up as we decorate, spending time together in front of the twinkling fairy lights, kicking off a month full of festivities. The tree is such a big part of Christmas, it’s the centerpiece of our home through December and makes me so happy every morning when I see it.

Gifts under the tree, the twinkling lights, baubles we’ve collected as our family has grown….ย  they all help to infuse a little more Christmas magic. This year we have a new member of the family, and while he’s not big enough to quite grasp what is going on, he too is smitten with the tree. He’s been happily sat in front of it, playing with his toys {and trying to pull the ornaments off} ever since it went up. Here’s to a month full of magic โ™ฅ

Tree kindly gifted from Pines and Needles – all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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