Three Good Things

Hello! Last week was pretty darn hectic, and by the weekend, I was exhausted. I keep forgetting I’m 8 months pregnant and cannot keep up the pace! Saturday saw me too tired to do very much, so asides from a quick trip to the supermarket for essentials, I had a very lazy day. The kiddos and I went out in the evening to catch a couple of bands at the music festival that was on in town over the weekend.

I can always tell when I am too tired, as that’s when I get a bit emotional and everything seems overwhelming. It’s like common sense leaves me and I end up sobbing whilst trying to put Beastie to bed. Thankfully, a good nights sleep seemed to do the trick and I felt less crazy on Sunday! We’ve another pretty busy week ahead of us, days out, final OU assignments to write, jobs to get done…. I’m trying to schedule in as much downtime as I can, but it aint’ easy when you’re a single parent to four and are self-employed as well.

Still, here are my #threegoodthings this week

* BIRTHDAY FUN ~ Miss Lola turned 16 last week, and we had fun celebrating her big day. A couple of early morning gifts before school, then when she came home we opened the rest of her gifts, ate some delicious chocolate orange cookie cake, then went to Nando’s for dinner.

* LAZY MORNINGS ~ I took advantage of not needing to be anywhere early over the weekend to take it slow. I stayed in bed a bit longer, drank a cup of tea, snuggled Mr Beastie, read a book while he played… so nice not having to get up and rush straight away!

* SUMMER PLANS ~ Nothing beats making plans for the summer to give you something to look forward to. Home ed camps, trips to family, festivals… I cannot wait!

What are your #threegoodthings – I’d love to hear them!

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