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As a home educating Mama, I am always looking for fun new ways to incorporate learning into our lives. I’m not a fan of ‘school at home’ – workbooks aren’t our cup of tea, we prefer hands on learning, and methods that are fun.

When Mrs Wordsmith asked if we would like to review their vocabulary programme, I knew it looked like the perfect fit for us. I am passionate about literacy, and always looking for ways to encourage my kiddos with their reading, writing, and storytelling. Mrs Wordsmith is a vocabulary program designed to help children navigate the nuances of their emotions so that they develop social-emotional intelligence, a set of life skills that will accompany them throughout school, and the rapidly-changing workplace of tomorrow. It has been designed to give children the words to label their emotions, to tell the difference between sad, stressed, Happy or exhilarated.

The Social Journey is aimed at children 2-5 years of age, Beastie loved it – and Baya was more than happy to join in and help him learn!  The Social Journey is delivered over a 12-month period. Each month focuses on 20 words, ideal for creating a ‘word of the day’ with your child. Every month you will receive a picture book, Word of the Day workbook and a set of Word cards.

You start with the picture book, reading the fun stories and talking about the questions that are at the end of each story. Then you set up your activity stand with the workbook and study one new word each day – there are activities on the back of each sheet to do each day.

The word cards feature all the words from the picture book and workbook, with some fun games to play with them – these are great as we could take them out and about with us, and keep the learning up even when we weren’t at home!

I’m really impressed with this resource, and it has really helped Beastie develop a better understanding of his emotions – the hunger cards were his favourite, and he loves telling me he is ‘peckish’ now!

We were sent a sample of the Mrs Wordsmith programme for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


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