Three Good Things


Another new week, and time for another Three Good Things. Last week didn’t quite go to plan after I ran out of my meds and ended up really ill on Wednesday – with the worst withdrawals ever. Thankfully I got more meds on Thursday and am feeling as good as ever again, but it was a rough 36 hours! I don’t think I’ve ever felt so ill, or cried so much – even though I knew it was just chemical, I felt so sad it was horrible!

Still, the week wasn’t all bad, and we had lots of fun too, and even a little sunshine and a few blue skies. Hooray! Here are last week’s three good things.

* Watching the girl’s drama show ~ Lola and Kiki have been rehearsing for the last few months with their Youth Theatre group, and last week they were in the show at the Theatre in town. Baya, Beastie and I went to watch them on Saturday afternoon, and it was great to see the product of all their hard work. Beastie was very excited to see his sisters on stage!

Working out ~ since giving up BBG {I realised I was finding the workouts boring, and just didn’t want to do them anymore} I’ve been more motivated than ever to workout. I’ve been putting together my own routines, doing a lot more weightlifting and strength training and really enjoying it again. It’s so rewarding to see the results of all my hard work paying off.

Sunday Nights ~ Sunday nights are family time, we have a ‘picky dinner’ {this week we had Nachos, doughballs and onion bhajis}, eat in the living room and watch some TV all together – we’re currently working our way through the second series of ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’. It’s the perfect ending to the week, having some family time, and a lazy evening.

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  1. April 16, 2018 / 11:07

    That bag is beautiful! Glad to hear you got back on track x

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