Creating a family-friendly bathroom


It’s no secret that the bathroom is one of my favourite places in my house to escape to. Calm and relaxing, full of candles and plants, it’s where I retreat after one of those days when I need to unwind. Yet it is also a space that I have to share with my four kiddos – oh for the luxury of an en-suite! So while I make sure it is somewhere that is a suitable grown-up space for me to relax in, it also has to meet the needs of my kiddos too. It isn’t difficult to create a bathroom that meets the needs of everyone, it just requires a little bit of thought and a little bit of planning before you start decorating!

If you’re creating a bathroom that will be shared by kiddos and grow-ups alike, here are a few tips on making it a perfect shared space:

1| Add a pop of colour ~ if you’re like me, and love an all-white bathroom, consider adding a little colour to brighten it up and make it into a child-friendly room. Perhaps paint an untiled wall, or even a cabinet in a bright hue. Kids love brightly coloured rooms, so this is the perfect way to compromise!

2| Think about the bathtub ~ having just a shower could be really difficult for washing small kiddos – they love sitting and splashing in the bath! And personally,  I couldn’t live without a bathtub to soak away the stresses in. You might even consider one of these walk-in baths to allow them to be able to get in and out themselves safely. If you have the space, a separate shower unit is a great idea for a shared bathroom.

3| Add a step stool ~  this one is vital! Kids love to be independent, and able to do things all by themselves. We have wooden IKEA stools in the bathroom to allow my little ones to be able to reach the sink easily. They also come in handy for littlies who are just learning to use the toilet too.

4| Add some storage ~ kids love bath toys, and I don’t like them all over my bathroom. The solution? A basket by the side of the bath, ready to fish them all straight out of the bath into so they’re tidy! Choose wire or mesh with open sides, to allow excess water to drain out and air to get in – bath toys can get musty really quickly!

5| Hang it low ~ Make sure things like hand towels and loo roll are hung low enough that little folk can reach them too. You could also add in a separate toothbrush holder for the kids brushes – pick something in a fun design to make teeth cleaning a little more interesting!

6| Add a fun bathmat and towels ~ choose a brightly coloured bathmat, a textured one or something with geometric shapes to add a little fun to the room. Pick towels that are in a bright hue, or pick up some fun bath towels for the kids – we have some hooded designs that look like unicorns and dinosaurs!


What are your essentials for a shared family bathroom?


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