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Three Good Things - Kitty Love

Ah! Monday Monday. A lovely fresh, new week… I’m hoping this one is healthier than last week! Beastie, Baya and I were ill most of last week, we had some kind of bug, and were all pretty wiped out for the whole week. Wednesday I had a fever and spent the day alternating between freezing cold and boiling hot. We ended up not doing too much all week, apart from a couple of trips to Ty Pawb – the new art/music space that just opened in town, and a visit with friends on Sunday. We’re back to our normal routines this week after the Easter break – while we don’t officially take school holidays as our holidays, this time we did as the girls ended up having lots of extra activities on – more gymnastics for Kiki and Baya, and lots of drama rehearsals for Kiki and Lola.

Anyway, here are my three good things from last week:

Friends ~ nothing like being ill to make you appreciate friends who love you lots and check in with you every day to make sure everything is ok and if you need anything

Tattoos ~ my little bit of ‘me time’ stroke therapy! I had the second session on the geisha on my arm, she’s just about complete, just needs some detail on her kimono when it has healed and a little highlighting. I am SO in love – it was a rework of an old tattoo and it looks a million times better than it did. I’m booked in for the next tattoo in a months time!

Band watching ~ the kiddos and I popped to Ty Pawb to watch a friends band play on Monday night, we caught up with a few friends while we were there, and it was great to be able to watch live music {and even better that I could take the kids with me}

What are the three good things you’re grateful for this week?

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  1. April 10, 2018 / 14:05

    New follower here (yay Bloglovin)! :)

    I love gratitudes and reading people’s gratitudes. I’m going to do my own post and link up either tomorrow or Thursday! xx

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