Enjoying a #YesDay at Drayton Manor

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As a Mama, I get about a million requests all day long… anything from ‘Can I have another snack?’ to ‘Can we get a pet zebra?’. It’s all too easy to say NO automatically, but sometimes it’s good to say YES instead and let the kids call the shots for the day! That’s exactly what we did on Wednesday… I said YES to the kids and we headed off to Drayton Manor Park for the day. The girls have been asking begging to go to a theme park for absolutely ages, so they were over the moon when I told them we were going {even though it meant getting up super early!}.

The park has their ‘EGGS-Ellent Easter celebrations’ including an Easter Egg trail are on from now until Sunday 15th April, so if you are looking for something to occupy your brood through the Easter Holidays then why not have your own #YesDay?

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We arrived as the rides were opening, and even though it was cold and wet, we couldn’t wait to get going. Drayton Manor is great when you have a spread of ages like I do – with Thomasland there to cater for the littlies, as well as lots of ‘big’ rides for my bigs, plus a 15-acre Zoo everyone will have a fun day out.

We spent the first hour in Thomasland, which Beastie {and Lola} totally loved! There was more there than I expected there to be – over 25 rides!, and the rides were really good – our favourite was the Troublesome Trucks rollercoaster.

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A quick pitstop for lunch, then we took a walk around the zoo to let our food go down before hitting the big rides. The kids wanted to see the Kangeroos, as well as the Capybaras and Tapirs. Beastie loved seeing all the snakes in the reptile house too.

We spent a good four hours going between the rides – the park isn’t so big it’s hard to get around, which also meant I could let the bigger kids head off on their own for a bit while I took Beastie on some of the rides he could do. We were really lucky that it was a quite-ish day and we barely had to queue to go on the rides, giving us time to fit in even more rides.

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I even said YES to the kids dragging me on some of the rides, and I actually loved it! I think my personal favourite was the Apocolypse – think 50 miles per hour and fall 54 metres before free falling for 4 heart-racing seconds!! I think I surprised my kids at how much I enjoyed it!! No one wanted to go home at the end of the day, Beastie even asked if we could live there!

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We’ll definitely be going back for another #YesDay soon!

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