Three Good Things


Hands up if you got snow again this weekend? Thankfully we only got a light covering, but still… I’m not impressed! I’m totally over winter now, and in need of warmth and sunshine, NOT more snow thank you very much. Still… we had a fun weekend, and I’m ready to face another week. Keeping my fingers crossed it is a less stressful one than last week!

Here are my three good things from last week:

*  PARTY!! ~ It’s Baya’s birthday this Friday, and she had her friends over for a sleepover on Saturday. Grateful to be able to throw her a party, and make it exactly how she wanted… they made their own pizza’s, painted butterfly windchimes, watched a movie, ate too many sweets and stayed up too late talking and giggling. The perfect sleepover! Followed up by pancakes for breakfast the next morning.

* New Ink ~ after a few weeks wait, I finally had my tattoo appointment last Friday to get the geisha tattoo on my arm re-worked. I loved the basic idea of the tattoo, but it wasn’t’ the best tattoo in the world, the hand was a bit claw-like, the lines were a little wonky and the face out of proportion. We did three hours on it, but then had to stop as my arm was swelling too much to tattoo, but it is looking much better already {you can see a peek in the highlighted stories on my IG}. I can’t wait to go back in three weeks to get her finished – though I currently have an arm that resembles an elephant!!

* Listening to my body ~ last week I was tired, stressed and emotional. In times past, I would have ignored how I felt and pushed on through regardless. Now though, I listened to what I needed, and took a rest day {and even an afternoon nap!}. Thankful that I have learned to listen to what I need and honor it ♥

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  1. March 19, 2018 / 20:15

    Yip, we also had snow….soooo ready for SPRING! Love your 3 good things, I also took a much needed nap this weekend.

  2. March 19, 2018 / 21:26

    We had a little snow this weekend but nothing for the kids to get excited about, I think even they are over it now. Well done on the party, I always dread doing them but feel good that I survived them for my kids’ sake :)

  3. March 19, 2018 / 23:55

    Yes! We got snow. We had a lot of fun in it.
    Your Geisha tattoo sounds great. Can’t wait to see a photo!

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